As I’ve said at numerous points however my focus is Generally on POLITICS as a LEFT WINGER and as a result I feel like I HAVE NO CHOICE but to Start doing Work on the “above” 
(or maybe below)  side of things which is the Occult in a lot of ways if I want to Break apart a lot of this Kind of thinking and Revive the kind of spirituality I believe in so I’m maligned to Change the Western Tradition in order to Change the political situation.

my feeling is that if the spiritual side shifted the political one would have to correspond to that change.

The occult ultimately always infiltrates and encircles the political anyways and In my sense of resigned futility I find that other thinkers consider them “separate” topics but they are not. the Political IS connected to the Occult if only in Esoteric Fashion’s that not many full understand. With that said I’d like to air Some Grievances about the lack of creativity among some of these elements. The Western Current Ultimately Drives me insane because it seems to me it’s far past due to completely Transcend Polarity and Dualism. Yet here we are. Stuck in a world where Christianity is still the Dominant Paradigm and much that exist “outside” of it is Arbitrarily Spiritual Satanism. My own Network is unfortunately WAY to intertwined wtih people and Most of them are Admittedly Salad bar Spiritualist which I embrace but To be really specific I’ve been engaged in a bit of a Battle With a Group of “satanist” who used their Esoteric Awareness to create a new “faith” VERY MUCH LIKE the one it CAME from known as the Joy of Satan Ministries. It never seizes to be a source of grand frustration to me that Neither of these two groups The Christians nor the “Satanist” can seem to push beyond their Arbitrary Dualism. What gets hilarious to me is Attacking JOS’ Neonazis and for them to call me a “Jew” and “abrahamist” assuming that I exist within that Paradigm Spiritually speaking. They aren’t even Aware Maxine IS a XTIAN who has merely altered christian text and Made the “god” in charge “satan” Most of the books she drew her knowledge from were Right wing Christians ad she merely used their historic as a bludgeon against Christianity. Yet strangely she sees the god of the Jews as “ultimate enemy” and Since it’s YHWH that’s the problem “satan” is the good guy. Only Maxine Dietrich has not spent a single day outside of Christianity talking to Jews and it shows because had she spoken to a Genuine Jewish Rabbi they would have told her that The Jewish view of Satan is Not Dualistic and is that he’s one of gods angels that is doing his work. In other words to the Jews Satan is a good guy. I have yet to see Many Former JEWS go on to Embrace the Left hand path and come down on on YHWH. while I myself am not an Abrahamist I can’t help but laugh in Contempt for all the True Morons who actually think that if I’m “against” the Joy of Satan Ministries that I must be a Jew or Christian or Muslim.

Talk about trying to transcend the old Paradigm and Bringing the new one directly into it.

When will the Western Tradition Transcend Dualism? I think that should be it’s next Ambition.

ee. THIS. THIS THIS THIS THIS! So many people are just throwing perjojative around wily nilly! they’re killing the meaning of alll insults  you can say whatever you want but evry time I hear one I just think people haven’t thought shit through enough to show us what they mean before saying it about someone.

How is he a drama queen, and what in this video gives you that idea?
see. THIS. THIS THIS THIS THIS! So many people are just throwing perjojative around wily nilly! they’re killing the meaning of alll insults 
Such a drama queen, grow the fuck up!!
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Says the one telling a 28 year old to grow up for no reason! 


Oh for god sake Savage/Glenn
 do you have no outer perspective? Do  you honestly think the american public is diehard anarchist? Seriously? there is a pathological hatred of governance out here that is  afraid of it and often disorganized and delusion ally paranoid of  government but do you really think they hate regulated capitalism and anything being done and  agree with all of this crap? Do you think mocking liberal senators on air accusing them of having “never worked a job in their lives” and dividing and conquering public and private sector workers is supported by all of the public? that Everyone is a fan of this? What we need right now isn’t further divisiveness like your work. You try to pretend you’re not a proponent of divide and conquer but  you’re the world’s biggest hypocrite on this as far as I can tell, you’re mean spirited, hateful, you say all kinds of nasty things, you  Criticize anyone who  isn’t a “manly man’ of  being “feminized” and try to act like that’s a BAD THING in order to NORMALIZE hatred of men who embrace their feminine half you are hysterically afraid of competition from these men over women it’s the only rational explaination and you’re probably in denial about it as well so you’ll come here and spin against me in ever further posturing instead of self reflecting because let’s face it , you’re incapable of that. You’re incapable of facing the reality that This country doesn’t Love haters. It’s sick of them.
but you wouldn’ want some liberal language activist hell raiser to come along and take away liberals rights to smear republicans as wellwould you?

actually yes. Both sides. I’m biased but I am very strongly of my the opinion if oweds this we have to be sympathetic to rush Limbaugh and others-an gracefult owards the

i’ve been thinking about malice laws SINCE clooney started to crusade against the idea.

im just not sure in the way of the gabby giffords shooting anyone went and pulled it up and looked at what he said about princess diana, you’ll see why it’s relevant if you do,

Glenn Beck, Tides Foundation, Shoot-out in California

I mean really the stuff glenn beck does is so careless it ought to offend a much greater number and yet they think he’s the “savior of america” and in the eyes of his adorers he can do -no wrong-

he got people killed.

tell me the language doesn’t matter again? it cost blood.

  • Dae Inaworldwithoutwalls to me the Solution is actually ambiguous and broad open rather than objective language for the Federal prosecutors. I’m starting to see how a federal prosecutor having a lot of leeway and prosecution discrestion is a good thing. I’m not saying the Defense has too much itself but that The prosecution doesn’t. These bills are written to be very nuanced. We have to stop that. Malice law for instance… I really think it should completely be removed when it comes to Defamation suits.
  • Dae Inaworldwithoutwalls How can you prove “actual malice”? It’s ridiculous and it leas directly to things like Amanda Todd as well as Glenn beck getting the tides foundation killed.
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  • Dae Inaworldwithoutwalls it leads to things like Princess Diana being able to be stocked and harassed by Paparazzi and what does the media do, they buy their fucking Dirt and then when it gets someone killed they Wash their hands of itt.
  • Dae Inaworldwithoutwalls "We didn’t INTEND for that to happen. We were just penning a highly misleading propaganda piece against them…someone got killed? Well fuck me I ddin’t malicously intend for that to happen…do you see how tht causs people to not chose theirwords carefully?